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Nice France


What are your preconceptions of Nice?

Beautiful long beaches, elegant restaurants and cafés or a big fish market?

Nice is well known as Monaco and Cannes’ neighbour, but there is a huge gap between the image of Nice

and the reality. These include the problems faced by immigrants to the city,

and the high crime rate both of which go unnoticed by the tourist.

Big name artists like Matisse and Picasso used to live there,

but there are also gaps in the contemporary reality of the art scene.

In this project, I researched the relationship between the contemporary art scene

and the town, and why the city cannot stop young artists leaving.

Try to find and visualise local artists’ opinion of the city and their desires for the future.

Some images of Nice attract artists, who have not lived there yet.

There are several galleries, museums and a famous art university in Nice.

Many young artists go there in pursuit of sunlight. Sunlight is significant for their inspiration.

As a result of the research, I discovered that the art institutions do not connect to the town.

After young artists graduate from

the school, they tend to leave Nice.

The authorities maintain strict anti-graffiti and anti-street art policies to protect the clean and sanitized image of the city.

According to interviews and the intervention, Nices art scene is very divided and closed-off, even though there are many talented young artists.

Each organisation has been trying to band together. However, the young artists dont seem to have been reached yet. I was thinking what if they collaborate more intensively with artists from other cities, perhaps their opportunities could expand. How local art institutions can get especially, young who will leave out from there involved in local art scene. The key is opportunities for collaboration, and places to do it.

Project member

Georgia Jacob

Takayuki Ishii

Tom Butler

Vilma Luostarinen

Xi Li


Claudia Schachenmann  Art|Basel VIP Relations Project Manager

Patric Frega  Artist

Villa Arson