Designing is like farming a veg garden:

it is always growing, with each generation connected to the next.

Lots of people are involved in the process.


For instance:

To find out new, untouched places, some of which have grown wild.

No one knows what the soil contains.

The quality of the produce depends

on the quality of the soil. We need to arrange our information in order to understand it.

This is like proposing a design. The choice of seeds is informed by the design direction.

Different design outputs come out of the ground.

We must evaluate which one is best.

Time to get consumer to experience the design and

get feedback.

Using different ways to help

the design idea to grow.

To research what is in the ground.

Research 1: Exploring

Analysis: Filtering

Design approach: Planting

Output, evaluation: Harvesting

Sharing, feedback: Sharing

Updating: Activating

Developing idea: Feeding

Research 2: Cultivating

To continue to maintain the seeds for the next harvest, we need to develop the idea with audiences.

In order to do above, lots of collaborators and audiences will be involved in a project. It also can make possibility of idea expand.